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Even after many years and hundreds of major renovations we still get excited for the next project because each one is unique unto itself.

How we work?

  • Initial site visit
  • Itemized preliminary proposal for the scope of work to be completed
  • Follow up site visit for layout, design and material selection
  • Order all materials
  • Start first phase of the job

Each project has its own challenges which lets us push the boundaries of problem solving.

As a result your dreams and visions become a one of a kind creation.

10-20% contingency fund for unforeseen issues to arise. (There is no real way of knowing what is behind walls,under floors or in ceilings until work begins) also homeowners material or finish selection may change through out the many phases of work. This contingency fund will aid in covering any additions to the project in most cases.

Our standard schedule follows 1/3 with signed contract , 1/3 at start of job and the final 1/3 upon completion. However, all projects are different and may require adjustments to the fee schedule based on material or scope of project.

We encourage all customers to ask for referrals and ask any questions they might have , we are more than happy to help with anything we can!

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