The Importance of Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen can be expensive especially if you have to consider the cabinets and other appliances for replacement. However, you can rely on O’Neil Builders Inc. Home Improvement Company in Annapolis, MD who has the experience and the knowhow of carrying out both simple and complex renovation. As a company that has been in this business for a long time, there are a number of tips which we consider essential and which we use to renovate the kitchen.

We emphasize on using quality materials because we know they determine the outcome of the job done. If we are working on drawers, we use materials that we know will not make the draws stick. We avoid using particleboard and prefer more durable materials such as wood veneer, laminate and melamine.


We determine the cabinet height that is appropriate for you and which allows for easier storage of food, and other items you may wish to store. We leave enough space between the cabinets to make it easier for you to store some of the items you have. On top of this, we also carry out other tasks such as designing accents including pediments, stoves, and at the same time carry out plaster moldings on cabinets fronts. We consider the design of your home and carry out renovations in your kitchen which are compatible with its design.

We are aware of the fact that the most difficult thing when carrying out kitchen renovation is budgeting. The construction of the kitchen may have cost you some colossal amount of money. However, for you to get the best from it, you must enjoy using it. Renovating your kitchen so that it gives you the best value for the investment may be necessary. When you contract us we look at a number of things including the size and shape before recommending the best approach to use.

kitchen-remodelGenerally, we recommend that you spend between 3% and 6% of the value of your property on your kitchen. When the value deteriorates below this, it is necessary that the kitchen be renovated. After carrying out the minor renovation, we shall decide whether the kitchen needs to be stained or to be painted. In some cases, we brush paint the cabinets depending on whether you are interested in the unique personality or not. We may also opt to stain your cabinets if you do not intend to change the colors sooner.

Selecting the countertops is important. When you contract us to renovate the kitchen we stain the countertops so as to add warmth and elegance. In some cases we plastic laminate the counter tops so as to add sophistication.

When it comes to installing islands in the kitchen, you can rely on us for a beautiful bulky island that we place in the middle of every kitchen we renovate. Islands that have an airy look add value to your kitchen. All this is aimed at making your kitchen neat and enjoyable to prepare meals from.

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